Sylvia Tiwon

Sylvia Tiwon, Ph.D. UC Berkeley (Rhetoric & Literature) 1985. Associate Professor in South & Southeast Asian Studies. Sylvia Tiwon teaches literature and gender and cultural studies of Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia. Her areas of interest include discourse (oral, print, and electronic) and socio-cultural formations at the national and sub-national levels, and the role of non-governmental organizations as agents of socio-cultural transformation. She has undertaken fieldwork in a number of cultural regions in the Indonesian archipelago. Her work includes articles on women and development, colonialism and cultural change, and her book, Breaking the Spell: Colonialism and Literary Renaissance in Indonesia, appeared in 1999. Her present work is focused on Indonesian women in the production of discourse, engaging studies of the impact of orality and literacy, as well as the discourse of colonial legal systems and modern multinational corporations.

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