Dutch-Iranian Author and Columnist Kader Abdolah (Fall 2010)

Celebrated Dutch-Iranian author and columnist Kader Abdolah visited UC Berkeley as a guest speaker in Dutch 170 on April 12th, 14th and 16th, presenting his opinion on the debate on multiculturalism in the Netherlands from a cultural perspective. Mr. Abdolah inaugurated the exhibition on Dutch clandestine literature 1940-45 with materials from the Bancroft Library, which was on display in the Main Library Brown Gallery from March to August 2010.

On April 21, 2010 Abdolah conducted a lecture called How Europe is Changing. Immigration and Asylum in the European Union.

The visit of Kader Abdolah to Berkeley received considerable media attention in the Netherlands. During his stay, Abdolah wrote two columns about the Berkeley campus which caused much debate in Dutch society: Article 1, Article 2

A report on this exhibition can be found here.

His lecture in the Morrison Room can be viewed here:

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