Professor Yra van Dijk (Fall 2010)

The following was presented in a lecture by Yra van Dijk, Professor in Dutch Studies at Amsterdam University:

The Holocaust in the Work of Young Jewish Authors in the Netherlands

Young Jewish authors, and young Dutch Jews in general, find themselves in
a complicated and ambivalent position. On the one hand, they are part of
the second and third generation Holocaust-survivors. It lies on their path
to remind their readers of the horrors their parents  and grandparents
survived. At the same time, there is a distance in time and experience
that separates them from those experiences: they can only represent the
images of the Holocaust that are familiar to all of us by now. On the
other hand, Israel can no longer play the role of the Promised Land- the
Zionist dream is no longer an innocent one, if it ever was. We will talk
about this ambivalence, and about how these young people experience and
express their Jewish identity in the Low Countries.

The event took place on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 3.30-5pm, in 209 Dwinelle.

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