October 17 – Globalisation, European Integration and Regionalisation: The Ordeal of Border-Regions

Lecture by Michiel Scheffer, Regional Parliament Leader, D66 Party, Gelderland, the Netherlands

As with the United States, Europe is affected by forces of economic, cultural and political globalization. European integration has remained, even through the recent crisis, a durable trend, even if political movements that challenge the consensus have gained exposure. It seems as if integrating cosmopolitical forces confront idiosyncratic forces. However, in this integrated Europe, regional differences increase even within member states. Border regions are interesting cases, as they may show dynamics of economic convergence, functional and cultural integration. In this talk, the dynamics will be illustrated with a number of examples: the former textile regions of Flanders (France and Belgium), the Rhineland system (Germany, Alsace and East-Netherlands), the renaissance of the Venetian Republic and the tidal lands around Slovakia.International migration has transformed into a significant agenda item for contemporary societies and states.

Time and Location: 12:00-1:00pm 201 Moses Hall

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