January 29 2016: Sandeep Ray – Film as Primary Source: Reviewing Early Propaganda in the Netherlands East Indies, 1912-13

In the early 1900s, the Dutch government enacted the Ethical Policy to improve standards of colonial rule in the Netherlands East Indies. In 1912 a novel approach was devised to showcase these efforts: propaganda film. This talk will look at the work of J.C. Lamster, the first filmmaker commissioned by Dutch authorities, who was personally responsible for making approximately 76 nonfiction films between 1912 and 1913. Of particular note are two films Gerebeg Moeloed te Solo and Het Nederlandsch-Indische Leger; De Infanterie which depict the incursion of Dutch rule over existing local structures. The talk will include the screening of rarely-seen footage filmed during the early years of portable film technology.
Sandeep Ray (Ph.D., National University of Singapore) spent eight months at the archives of Beeld en Geluid and the Eye Film Institute in the Netherlands analyzing hundreds of films for his dissertation on Dutch colonial propaganda films. He is a documentary filmmaker himself and his work has been screened at many festivals and forums around the world, including Pusan, Taiwan, Sydney, Delhi, Iran Cinema-Verite, the Jean Rouch Ethnographic Festival, the Margaret Mead Film Festival and the Flaherty Seminar. He has a B.A. in Film from Hampshire College and an M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Michigan.

Sandeep Ray
Department of Radio-TV-Film, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Friday, January 29, 12:302:00 p.m, 180 Doe Library

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