Niklaus Largier

Niklaus Largier is Professor of German and Comparative Literature. He is affiliated with UC Berkeley’s Programs in Medieval Studies and Religious Studies, and the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. After studying German Literature, Philosophy, and Russian in Zurich and Paris, … Continue reading

Dutch Studies Conference on Colonial and Post-Colonial Connections in Dutch Literature (Fall 2011)

2011 Dutch Studies Conference – Colonial and Post-Colonial Connections in Dutch Literature For a Photo Gallery of the conference, please go to: Dutch literature is more than just literature about a tiny piece of land at the estuary of … Continue reading

Hilde Coffe (Fall 2010)

Hilde Coffé is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University (Department of Sociology). Her main research interests include the radical right, political attitudes and participation, voting behavior, political parties, and citizenship. She will present the following lecture: Tuesday, November 23: 5-6pm … Continue reading