The Documents

This page hosts the project files in text format for use with text analysis software. Both Dutch and English material in the original PDFs has been retained in the text files. In the case of translated texts, the least complete version has been removed in order to avoid duplication. Secondary sources have also been removed.

PDF versions of document text files can be viewed or downloaded below:

Carton 13, Folder 12 (cubanc_16_1_01244637a)

Carton 13, Folder 13 (cubanc_16_1_01244638a)

Carton 13, Folder 14 (cubanc_16_1_01244639a)

Carton 13, Folder 15 (cubanc_16_1_01244640a)

Carton 13, Folder 16 (cubanc_16_1_01244641a)

Carton 13, Folder 17 (cubanc_16_1_01244642a)

Carton 13, Folder 18 (cubanc_16_1_01244643a)

A free, open source, and useful text analysis software is Voyant Tools.

For a full list of Voyant tools, see the Voyant Tools Index.

Below are a few Voyant tools that you may find useful (with screen shot examples).

Corpus Type Frequencies Grid orders the frequencies for the terms in a corpus.

For looking more closely at the context of a particular term, Document Type KWICs Grid lists the phrase immediately preceding and following a word or word root identified by the user.

For a graphic depiction of the distribution of selected terms across a corpus, try Type Frequencies Chart.