UC Travel Study Course (Dutch 177: The Amsterdam-Brussels Connection)

Introduce yourself to the culture and identity of the Low Countries: the Netherlands and Belgium. From the medieval towns in Flanders over the Dutch “Golden Age” up to the contemporary (multi)cultural, liberal and European identity of the Low Countries. We engage with international politics, art and culture through trips to Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, and many other cities. Guided visits to the Dutch House of Representatives and the European Parliament are also included.

The Groepsfoto Brussel EPTravel/Study Course Dutch 177 is open to students from all departments on the Berkeley campus as well as students from other universities, also outside the United States. It satisfies the UC Berkeley Arts & Literature or Historical Studies L&S Breadth Requirement, and it is also part of the Dutch Studies Minor or Major. Students from other departments are encouraged to consult with their advisor to see which other major/minor this program may fulfill. Visiting students are encouraged to talk to their advisor about transfer of credit to their home institution. This course has no requirements. No language-teaching is involved. For more information, please contact the program please contact the program directors Esmée van der Hoeven (ievanderhoeven@berkeley.edu) and Jeroen Dewulf (jdewulf@berkeley.edu) or visit the travel study website.