Study Abroad

UC Study Abroad

UC Education Abroad Program in the Netherlands. Semester and year options with course work in English are offered in Utrecht, Maastricht, Leiden and Wageningen.

UC Education Abroad Program in Belgium. A field research & internship semester in Brussels is offered. Course work is in French. However, students benefit from intensified Dutch instruction during the preparatory period, and can request to be placed in Dutch-language professional environments in the Brussels region if they wish. Placements may also be in work environments where Dutch is practiced alongside French and/or English for students who are not ready to function fully in Dutch.

The Dutch Studies Program, in cooperation with Berkeley Summer Sessions, organizes every year a Travel Study course to the Benelux countries. For more information, click here.

Through EAP, Berkeley students are able to study a semester or an entire year at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where you can learn Afrikaans. For more information on the University of Cape Town Afrikaans Department visit the EAP website.

Dutch Summer Courses


Babel is a Utrecht-based language institute founded in 1983. It offers language training courses for individuals, companies and non-profit organizations as well as Dutch as a Foreign Language-courses. Utrecht University is a partner of Babel.


The Linguapolis at the University of Antwerp offers linguistic immersion programs for Dutch as a foreign language on the City Campus (Antwerp) and on the Campus Drie Eiken (Wilrijk). Classes are given in small groups of highly educated non-native speakers. For more information, visit the Linguapolis website.

Zomercursus ‘Joos Florquin’

The intensive language course “Joos Florquin” is offered every Summer at Leuven University. It offers 5 levels of Dutch language acquisition. For more information, visit

Columbia University Dutch Summer Program

Columbia University offers a month-long course in modern Dutch, early modern Dutch/paleography, and archives in The Netherlands, each section of which can be taken separately. The course is free-of-charge. For more information, check this website.

Studying Dutch Language, Culture, History and Literature in the Netherlands and Flanders

For general information on study in the Netherlands, click here.

For general information on study in Flanders, click here.

Leiden University

Leiden University offers a BA and MA in Dutch Studies. The program is intended for students with little, no or an intermediate proficiency in the Dutch language, but have a special interest in the Dutch language and culture. Extensive attention is paid to the language during the study period. In addition, Dutch literature, history, art history and linguistics are important parts of the curriculum. For more information, visit the Leiden University website.

Central College Abroad

Central College Abroad in Leiden offers a wide variety of semester courses following the orientation period and intensive Dutch course. All students are required to enroll in “The Netherlands and its European Context,” the remainder of the schedule can be completed with courses selected from Central College offerings, Webster University or Leiden University offerings. For more information, visit the Central College Abroad website.

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen offers a master in Dutch Culture. The master is an interdisciplinary cultural studies program that concentrates on Dutch Culture from the past up to the present. It approaches the Dutch culture in a interdisciplinary way by studying its different aspects (literature, the arts, language, politics, history) in their mutual relationship. The program wants to provide its students with a profound knowledge of the richly variegated Dutch culture as a whole. For more information, visit the University of Groningen website.

International School for Humanities and Social Sciences

The International School for Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Amsterdam offers in January an intensive course about the Netherlands: Art, Language, Culture and the European Union. These themes are illuminated through lectures, meetings, and discussions with renowned Dutch academics, and coordinated site visits. For more information, visit the Winter Institute ISHSS website.

Transnational Master in Dutch Literary Translation Studies

A research master in Dutch literary translation studies is now offered as part of a collaboration between the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the University of Antwerp in Belgium. For more information, see

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