Srivaths Mannar, Class of 2018

My taking of Dutch 171AC with Professor Dewulf was perhaps one of my best decisions I have made at UC Berkeley. Although I am a STEM major, I have always been fascinated by history, especially European colonialism and American economic and cultural history. In a succinct yet extremely insightful manner, Dewulf’s lecture manage to link to together these two subjects, all while focussing on the story of a small town on Manhattan Island. The primary value of this class was my further ability to understand modern day American society through the lens of historical events that occurred hundreds of years ago. It’s quite remarkable how much this viewpoint is insightful into explaining the world as we know it today. I highly recommend any STEM major, or rather, any student at UC Berkeley to take this class to develop a more perceptive worldview. Ironically, one of this things afforded to me by this class was the opportunity for me to work in the tech industry as a data scientist in France, as Professor Dewulf had informed me about the EIT digital program in Europe, which has greatly benefitted my career. The EIT program has further grown my knowledge and connections in Europe, and Professor Dewulf’s ability to drive me in this direction is something I am eternally grateful for.

Srivaths Mannar, B.A in Computer Science and Statistics, Class of 2018