Current semester courses

Spring 2024

Please note that the language classes can be taken fully online on Zoom or partly on Zoom, partly in person. Please contact the instructor for more information.

I. Dutch Language Courses:

Dutch 1 – Elementary Dutch

Prerequisites: None

In this beginner’s course, students will familiarize themselves with the basics of Dutch: its sounds and spelling, its grammatical structure, and its vocabulary. The class focuses on oral communication with an emphasis on vocabulary: learning words and learning how to use these words. By reading texts and dialogues (and listening to the audio version), students will build their vocabulary. In class they will get the opportunity to practice their newly learned words and phrases. By the end of the semester, students will be able to express themselves in speaking and in writing about a variety of topics, including introducing yourself, time, living, studying, traveling, and talking about present and past situations.

Esmée van der Hoeven, M-W 12-2P + F 1-2P, 5 units.

Dutch 2 - Intermediate Dutch

Prerequisites: Dutch 1 or equivalent

In Dutch 2, students’ knowledge of Dutch vocabulary and grammar will be expanded and put into practice. As in Dutch 1, the focus lies on further developing speaking and writing skills. Each week is dedicated to a theme, which forms the heart of the readings and discussions. Students will be able to engage in conversations in Dutch and write about various topics covered in class. Topics include geography of the Netherlands, the Dutch cuisine, history, painting in the Golden Age, the constitutional monarchy, national holidays and traditions, Vincent van Gogh, and more. Students will conclude this semester by giving a short presentation in Dutch.

Esmée van der Hoeven, M-W 2-4P + F 2-3P, 5 units.

Dutch 125 - Conversation and Composition

Prerequisites: Dutch 110 or equivalent

In this advanced language course we proceed with the patterns of Dutch 110, although instead of giving frequent presentations, the emphasis will now be placed on weekly writing assignments and intense conversation. Students will be introduced to different types of texts and will learn different styles and practices in writing. A reader with various reading materials (i.e. articles, book reviews, literature, and scholarly pieces) will form the basis for the writings and conversations.

Esmée van der Hoeven, M-W-F 4-5P, 4 units.

II. Courses in Dutch History, Culture, Linguistics and Literature: (in English)

Dutch 24 - Freshman Seminar on Study Abroad

This 1-unit freshman seminar explores all study abroad opportunities that UC Berkeley offers to its students. It answers questions about what can be gained by studying abroad and how to make it part of one’s undergraduate education at Cal. It focuses on how to develop a study abroad plan that suits academic and personal interests. Students also learn about different program options, how to select a program, application procedures, financial aid, and making the most of the study abroad experience after returning to the Berkeley campus. This is the ideal course to prepare yourself for a study abroad experience and to learn, explore, and grow in a globalizing world.

Jeroen Dewulf, schedule TBA