Internship Program

The USA2Holland Internship Program is an internship program from the Netherland-America Foundation to enable high-achieving, low-income American college students to pursue an actual working internship with a company in the Netherlands.

Candidates will be upperclassmen or recent graduates from an American college or university who wish to further develop their career path in an international setting. This opportunity is meant for candidates who understand what they wish to pursue professionally, are independent and mature, and ready to take on the challenge of living and working internationally. Selected grantees will be provided with a stipend for an internship between 3-6 months in length, totaling up to $7,400 for the duration of the internship. Learn more at or contact Program Manager Maggie Maloney at or 212-825-1221.

To qualify for an award, the following minimum requirements apply:

  • You are an upperclassmen or recent graduate from an American college or university
  • Without this grant, you do not have sufficient financial resources to fund your internship because of your low-income background
  • Your study results are sufficient to complete the internship (at least 3.0 GPA)
  • You are 20 years or older on the date you submit your application
  • You are motivated to intern for a Dutch company

For students or graduates interested in shorter, summer internships, apply here:

For graduates interested in internships longer than 3 months, apply here: