The departmental library has a substantial collection of major Dutch writers and philosophers. In addition, the departmental library boasts a sizable collection of books on linguistics, literary theory, cultural theory and intellectual history. The library also has the latest reference works, dictionaries, and bibliographies. In addition, the departmental library provides Dutch and Flemish reviews and magazines. Comfortable chairs and free coffee provide an atmosphere conducive to browsing and reading.


UC Berkeley has the second largest Dutch collection in the United States, as well as an extraordinary Frisian collection. For more information, see Dutch Studies Collection.


The Bancroft Library has an extraordinary collection of Dutch clandestine literature; books that were published illegally during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. It also has the “Engel Sluiter Historical Documents Collection”, over 160,000 transcribed pages of manuscripts from Latin-American, Iberian and Asian archives dealing with the former Dutch colonial empire. These books and documents may be used only in The Bancroft Library. For more information, see The Bancroft Library.